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Introducing Firmware 7 for Peplink/Pepwave devices
January 18, 2017
March 14, 2017

Security threats are growing in quantity and complexity. As an IT support company, we consistently run virus scans and anti-malware software to keep you protected. While we do our best to protect your pc, pictures, and important data we want to arm you with steps you can take to help us help protect you from virus’:

  1. Safe Internet Browsing Rules – The most important part of safe browsing is to never go three layers deep into a website.
    1. For example, accessing a page from google = layer one
    2. From google, you access a website = layer two.
    3. You see an ad/link on this layer two website prompting you to go to another website- Never clink on this ad/link unless you know exactly where it will take you! This is typically where a virus will hide.
  2. Only visit websites you know and trust– If you have to ask if the website is reputable, you probably shouldn’t be on it. When in doubt, call our office. If you ever get a popup saying your computer has a virus, immediately stop what you are doing and call our office, as your computer could already be infected and the message.
  3. Never download FREE content– I promise you, it’s never free. When you download something, it’s usually downloading a virus onto your computer where others can access your account information, passwords, photos, and documents. You’re giving other people permission to commit fraud.
  4. Email– Don’t ever open an attachment you aren’t expecting, no matter who it says it’s from. When in doubt, check with the sender to confirm they sent it (on a non-email platform).