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Introducing the EPX!
February 1, 2018
The HD4 Now Comes With 11ac Wi-Fi!
March 8, 2018

We invite you to join Peter on the “Conquer the Switch Tour 2018”

The Goal is to collect as many of our competitor switches and routers as we can, so we can build our throne of switches.


During the tour, if you can catch Peter on his route we will be offering FREE installation of Peplink switches and Peplink routers as well as doing on-site demonstrations of the:

  • HD4
  • HD2
  • Transit Duo
  • Peplink Balance 580
  • The SD-Switch 24 port and SD-Switch 8 port
  • As well as the new 15 cellular 40 gigabit EPX!

The Route

Starting Saturday in Sarasota FL and head all the way to San Mateo CA and up to Minnesota over to Maine and back to Florida.


If you want to see Peplink Gear in action, email sales@westnetworks.com or ask Peter on twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

He would love to stop by and show you the equipment and offer you free installation as a trade-in for your old equipment!