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8 PoE+ Port SD-Switch
June 22, 2018
Firmwave 8.0.1 is Now Available!
Firmwave 8.0.1 is Now Available!
October 30, 2019
Balance SDX future proof enterprise branch router

Balance SDX future proof enterprise branch router

Introducing the Balance SDX!

High performance and modular construction of the "X" series, in an enterprise branch office platform:

We are thrilled to introduce the Balance SDX! This time, we're taking the high performance and modular construction of the "X" series and putting it into an enterprise branch office platform. With 12Gbps of throughput, it can handle anything you throw at it. It also has a FlexModule slot, enabling it to support a wide range of interfaces. We are constantly developing new FlexModules, so you will see new ones as new technologies emerge (such as 5G).

Extreme Performance

As a member of our “X” series, the SDX offers extreme performance and futureproof design at a practical price point. With 12 Gbps of throughput, the SDX can handle the bandwidth requirements of any enterprise branch network. The SDX also supports a FlexModule, enabling you to customize the router with your choice of ports, as well as instantly apply new technology as we release new modules.

Investment Protection – Futureproof Design

The SDX has a slot for a FlexModule, which is available in three versions:

⚈ 3x cellular WAN: Combine cellular links for wireless SD-WAN backup to the primary connection. 5G FlexModule coming soon!
⚈ 8x copper WAN/LAN: Connect PoE-enabled modems on the WAN, or connect PoE devices such as cameras, IP phones, and Wi-Fi APs on the LAN.
⚈ 4x fiber WAN/LAN: Build an all-Fiber network by connecting Fiber WANs and LAN Switches.

We will build additional FlexModules as new technologies such as 5G emerge. Simply insert the new FlexModule and the SDX will become 5G ready; no need to purchase a new router.

Enterprise-Ready Out-Of-The-Box

Even without a FlexModule, the SDX is already prepared for any enterprise branch deployment. It comes equipped with 2x Ethernet WAN, 2x Gigabit Fiber WAN, and 2x USB WAN, enabling connectivity from multiple sources. The 8x integrated LAN ports can also power devices via PoE+. These integrated ports provide a baseline level of connectivity on which users can add FlexModules to increase the capabilities of the SDX. This is also useful for scaling deployments where growth is anticipated.

Unbreakable Cloud Connectivity

Whether via datacenter or Azure/AWS cloud, businesses now access their vital ERP, CRM, and POS applications online. To ensure absolute business continuity, the Balance SDX combines Ethernet and SFP+ WAN into an unbreakable Speed-Fusion VPN. If any individual line loses connectivity, others will take its place without skipping a beat.

The Balance SDX supports one Flex-Module. By inserting a cellular FlexModule, you can add up to 3x cellular connections to your SpeedFusion VPN. Cellular connectivity creates additional redundancy for your business applications.

With the SDX FlexModule slot, you can rest assured that your investment will remain up-to-date as new technologies emerge: we are currently developing 5G FlexModules, which will instantly add 5G capability to your SDX.

End-to-End Fiber Network for Branch Offices

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Likewise, the speed of a local network is determined by its slowest connection. Insert a fiber FlexModule onto your SDX to create an all-fiber local network. Use the SDX’s built-in WAN ports to combine SFP+ and Ethernet links into a super-fast SpeedFusion VPN connection. Then use the fiber FlexModule to connect 4x 48-port fiber switches to the SDX. This creates a full fiber local network with optimimal connectivity between each client.

The FlexModule is interchangeable between the SDX, EPX, and some of our upcoming modular platforms. This enables enterprises to use different modules to customize the devices to fit their unique network requirements.