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Firmwave 8.0.1 is Now Available!
Firmwave 8.0.1 is Now Available!
October 30, 2019
Peplink Balance Two

Peplink Balance Two

Introducing the Balance Two!

1Gbps Throughput, Under $1000

With 2x GE WAN, 4x GE LAN, and a WLAN controller, the Balance Two provides ample connectivity for smaller enterprise branch offices.

Fits Seamlessly in Any Office

The fanless design keeps the Balance Two whisper-quiet. Rear facing ports give the device a clean look, fitting any office environment.

Intelligent Traffic Steering

Traffic Steering automatically identifies packets by their application (e.g. Skype, PoS, ERP). Apply different SpeedFusion technologies to different kinds of traffic.

Scalable, Centralized Management

Use InControl to make your deployment scalable. Centralize VLAN, outbound policy, firewall rules, configuration profiles and more in minutes.