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About Us

West Networks is a IT services company that aligns business needs with technology by planning, designing, and implementing technology strategies. Our goal is to help businesses eliminate downtime and reduce costs while improving business productivity, security and communication. Many of our clients are in construction, law, healthcare, property management, realty, education, technology, manufacturing, and contracting. Forming strategic partnerships with our clients, our personable team of engineers are careful to assess and provide recommendations based on industry needs.

Collaboration with West Networks as a complete outsourced management team or in adjunct to current IT team:

Stay Focused On Your Core Business

Rely on a team of experts to address both minor and major technology concerns. Desktop concerns are resolved within 24-48 hours.

Controlled/Fixed IT costs make it budget friendly

You’ll have the ability to cut costs without cutting technology needs.

Qualified and Experienced

Partnership with a skilled IT staff and access to a wealth of network knowledge.

Secure data to minimize risk of data loss

Nothing threatens a company more than the risk of losing years of data due to a virus or a failed back-up. Our team can manage backups and audit workstations/servers to lessen these risks and costly downtime.

Access to Specialize Services

Our team gives you the resources to start new projects and handle them right away.