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SpeedFusion for Command

The Challenge

Limited Bandwidth and Coverage

In emergency situations, first responders depend on reliable connectivity to receive information and updates. What equipment is needed? Are there injuries? Is back up on the way?

Cell towers may be overloaded in dense cities or far and few between in rural towns. The resulting, spotty reception leaves holes in critical conversations. Without seamless access to a communication channel, complications may arise in an already strenuous situation.

The Solution

SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding

SpeedFusion bonding takes multiple LTE links, Commercial or FirstNet Ready, and combines them into one connection to make sure you have the best and fastest possible connection. By using a Peplink MAX mobile router and a Peplink Balance router, can support 2, 4 or even 18 LTE connections. By installing a Peplink Balance router in your datacenter (i.e. HQ), the active LTE connections bond together.

FirstNet Ready Devices

FirstNet is America’s only exclusive nationwide communications platform for first responders and those who support their vital mission. It provides highly secure and prioritized network access. With FirstNet, you can access the features you need, when you need them most.