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Netgear – Networking

Netgear – Networking

The application of switches in a wired network to connect a number of devices together, we’ve successfully employed NETGEAR to many of our clients. NETGEAR infrastructures seamlessly connect end-users, converge services, servers and storage across highly flexible layers. Whether you are a small business or have a larger network, switches have provided our clients with many results-driven benefits:

  • Allow dozens of devices to connect
  • Keep traffic between two devices from getting in the way of your other devices using the same network
  • Allow communication (within your network) to be even faster than the internet
  • Allow you to monitor usage within your network
  • Allow control of who has access to various parts of the network

Creating Solutions thru NETGEAR

  1. A used autoparts sales company in Atlanta was experiencing phone quality issues (jitter). West Networks utilized NETGEAR’s built in VoIP QOS feature to resolve the issue.
  2. A large contracting company in Chicago was using outdated Allen Bradley control systems over IP for their entire manufacturing plant. The system had no network segregation or controls. Two-three times a night the network devices would go offline and were unresponsive from the control server. A wire shark analysis of the network showed multi-cast packets in the network. Installing two 24 port Gb NETGEAR switches with allowed multicast filtering created a solution.
  3. A hospital in Iowa was using old HP Procurve with outdated JAVA and individualized management making it difficult to get a total picture of the network to detect problems. West Networks installed NETGEAR managed switches utilizing the NETGEAR management software to simplify deployment and centralize management.