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Aligning Business with Technology

No billable hours, no hidden fees, no headaches!

Our plans provide our clients with unlimited access to a team of skilled and caring technicians. With our unlimited technical support plans, you only pay for hardware and software. All labor is taken care of.

Our team works every month to keep your technology running optimally knowing that the success of your business, is the heart of our business. Unlimited Access to your own team of Technicians and Engineers

West Networks Monthly Subscription Plans
FEATURES Silver Gold Platnum
Employee Level Details

Unlimited Tier 1 and Tier 2 Support:

  • Installation of Software
  • Printer Support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Remote Support

Standard Support: M-F

  • 8 AM- 5 PM

Afterhours Support: 7 days

  • 5 PM- 10 PM
    • includes priority response time

Average Response Time:

  • Within Plan Hours
0 - 6 hours 0 - 4 hours 0 - 2 hours
Supported Devices (PCs, Laptops, Phones, Printers) Unlimited
Sophos Cloud Antivirus
West Hosted Offsite Backup (pc backup)
West Hosted Microsoft Exchange
West Hosted 3CX VoIP 
West Hosted Remote Desktop Services
Company Level Details

Annual Projects per Company*

  • IT development projects
  • Add Email, Web, VOIP, or Application
  • Migrate a Server or Application
  • Build a new business system
1 2 3

Infrastructure Tier 3 Support (required)

  • 24/7 Support
  • West Offsite Backup
  • Local USB Backup (4TB)

/ea. Physical

/ea. Virtual

Server Back Up Management

On-Site (USB/NAS):

Bare metal system restore backup for fast recovery incase of failure

Off-Site (Ahsay)

Offsite File level & Application level backup of your key files incase of catastrophe. 

SLA (Hyper-V)

Hyper-V with sync to West Networks Data Center.  Provides near-zero failover incase of catastrophe.  Client servers use Hyper V live migration, a feature of Windows Server 2012 R2 that creates a live copy of your server in our data center.  If your server or building becomes unavailable, the server in our data center takes over.  Recommended: Peplink Router with VPN access to our data center.